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Ah Joy!

Posted by Alta on September 19, 2009

I hate Eid,yes i do!!

OK i am in a bad mood right now,not sure why to be honest i guess being ill or down for the last few days doesn’t help and knowing that there will be a few days of boredom and not doing anything,with people all happy and wanting to meet and greet.

Why is everyone so happy,oh its eid well so?? i just don’t like eid

So yeah great,family dinner to look forward to,have the same conversation
with my uncle that i have had for the last 3 or 4 years,the country is great
(it is!!) the people are fools(they are!!),the politicians are…well we know what
they are.

Business is down,why are you still selling cars and doing well,its all going down hill,do something,then about his new plan or so,well ill have my own new plan this time!! so HA!

We have never celebrated eid as such,okay that’s not true.We did and i liked eid,waking up early was a downer,loved the first day dinner with aunts and cousins from dads side over for dinner.and after that i hated it!!
Second day lunch at and with moms side of the family,like the whole family
and i dont like them,prob nice people i dont know dont care dont want 🙂

At least i dont have to go through that anymore,but then the first day of eid isnt the same either the dinner on the first day with dads family is there but the family isnt there,well just one aunt and the aunt i loved is not here,not sure if ill ever see her,not sure if i want to.

Eid isnt what it used to be for me as a kid,but then thats normal for most people or so id like to think.Over the years its just become a few days off,sleep and more sleep.I just dont see it as a festive occasion or something to look forward to or be happy about,yes i know i am a sad little git 🙂

So yes its time,to be grumpy,for others to be happy,random messages and texts well if anything if people can forget and get out of the daily grind and be happy for a few days may there be more of these days,ill just sleep through them 😉

And best thing with eid being here? lunch!! No more Holy Month and i can have tea and my lunch!! (i would have had smokes on that list but its been well over 6months? and i havent smoked so yay! I guess i am not in that bad a mood afterall)


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Whats a muslim?

Posted by Alta on September 6, 2009

I wonder how many more centuries are needed to answer the question

Justice Munir Report on the 1954 anti-Ahmadi riots in Lahore. In the course of the inquiry, Justice Munir pointedly asked every Muslim scholar who appeared before him if he knew of a definition of Islam which could be acceptable by the other sects as well; which could equally apply to everyone and by the help of which we could define, ‘Yes, this is a Muslim’, and ‘That is not a Muslim’.

In the report Munir submits that no two scholars among all Muslim scholars interrogated, agreed on a single definition of what Islam was.

In the case of one particular scholar, he wanted some more time to think over it, and Justice Kayani, who was a partner of Justice Munir in the enquiry commission, said: ‘I cannot give you more time because you have already taken more than fourteen hundred years to ponder over this question. Is that not enough? If fourteen centuries, plus some years are not enough for you to be able to define the very fundamentals of Islam, how much more time would you require?’

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