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Happiest ever?

Posted by Alta on January 31, 2010

If not ever then surely havent felt this happy for a long time,being around her makes me happy,knowing that she is happy makes me happy 🙂


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Only if dreams were true

Posted by Alta on January 2, 2010

I was by her side,almost a sleep.I dozed off for a while as i do on most days,i always would fall a sleep if i was laying down next to her as we talked,that hasnt changed i still do,just the conversation isnt what it used to be,not sure if it can even be called a conversation now.

Something was different though last night,we talked we had a conversation but then i woke up,it was just a dream.Seemed so real though,wish i had more of them and remembered them,I also wish that one could pick a dream and it would become reality.

The reality is it wont,it will remain a dream,i will not remember the dreams nor will i remember her,i keep grasping at air it seems,trying to remember what she was like,who she was but i cant and i know a time will come when her memory wont even be that.

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