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Amir Khan

Posted by Alta on April 30, 2010

Not him but the boxer! Olympic silver medal winner for the Brits,born and bread there,dad is a Pakistani and he even came to Pakistan a few months back.Is the WBA world champion,is to fight in the US,first fight in US and a title defence but oops,the name Khan raised some flags and he is in Canada training for the fight.

I mean WTF! he is a champion boxer,signed with a top company who is promoting him the golden boy and this,amazingly stupid.So yeah do a back ground check and waste tax payers money.I dont know which agency flagged him but Jesus! Its bloody stupid and nothing else.


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Cant be done

Posted by Alta on April 28, 2010

I am sick of people telling me that something cant be done,in this case its work related and a new business i am setting up,really small scale with a lot of work involved but has a lot of potential and yes it will be very hard to pull off,and will take a lot time and effort,results will be slow i know all of that,i am not stupid.

Its just so silly of people to go oh but it wont wont,oh you will have this problem that problem,yeah like i didnt know.I tend not to tell people off when it comes to free advise that people give,thinking and realising that they are saying what they are in all honesty and good intentions but i guess i had enough of it today and have told two people today i dont want to hear it,i know what i am doing and getting into,if i need your advise ill ask for it.

So yeah stfu 🙂

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I have fools working for me!

Posted by Alta on April 26, 2010

Yes they are a big help but create small unnecessary issues that can be avoided so easily and are non issues.Also the fact that these women do not want to change anything,like today i said “lets do such and such next week” and “she goes oh but no we cant we always do it in November ” I am like what? idea we just do.The reason why its done then is because the first time it was done was then,and what is this thing? A colour week for the kids at school,so why November? why not December or May? Lord help me!

The other issue today and yes was a big issue,some books were not printed and bound correctly and the paper was coming lose,when they hand me the said books,which were two in number had one paper each that was lose and had come out.I just looked at them and said oh my ab kia ho ga? ek paper nikal aya (oh my what will happen now a single paper just came out) and i just gave the books back to them.

This is part of my morning job at a school where i am surrounded my women,women who love to make a fuss and exclaim at every minor thing.One month to go and then i am free of them for two months!

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All in one post

Posted by Alta on April 25, 2010

I want to break this post down into a few parts as a lot has happened in the past week,part A about my cousin part B about my favourite aunt,part C about mom and dad,and part D about me.

Part A:I got to see my favourite cousin a few days back,after 13 long years where a lot has changed and we havent kept in touch as such.There is something in our blood though,we might not talk regularly and even after so many years we meet as if it was only yesterday that we were together.I grew up with him,well almost.He left the country when i was about  14 and he was 17 or 18 years old,for all those years that we were together and amount of time which we spent together,the summer holidays which meant 60 days together,the weekends and every holiday that was,was spent together with him.

The past few days have been spent down in memory lane,going through what all we did and laughing about things,and yet there is this sadness in all of it,whenever it comes to my aunt (his mom,and my fav aunt) or memories and thought of their old house,i know i am sad and can tell he is too.I do wish to and one day will buy that old apartment,i am sure that one day i will have saved up enough to go to whoever owns it and say this is my aunts house,the house with all the memories and i want it all back.

My aunt is ill,has been for the last 10 years or so,she had brain tumour and due to that these she is a shell of her self,doesnt speak much,cant eat,and cant walk.similar to what mom is like more or less though with mom its worse.She was so good to me,even with all her slipper throwing at me,and calling me names,(mostly calling me for breakfast or lunch)she was very very good to me.

We would be playing monopoly in the morning,and this game would be a continuation of the game from last night,she would call us for breakfast and no one would listen and out of no where there would be two slippers one at a time like homing missiles would land right on the board 🙂

I dont talk to her,though she cant talk much even the little conversation that i can have or just to let her know that i love her and think of her almost every day of my life,that i cry for her and pray for her but i cant and i wont.I want to remember her as she was,the loud loving woman that was my aunt and not who she is now,at times i wish i could do the same with my mom and just remember the old her,her.

Mom and dad had their 38th wedding anniversary this week,38 years of being together,38 years of love,love thats as strong today that it ever could have been or can be between two people,if i can have a relationship with my wife that they had between them i think i couldnt ask for more.One think i do not want to have is the regrets that i see in dad,i do not want to be 60 something and thinking about what could have been or how i would have done things differently,i wish i dont.

Back to the monkey me,life is good for me,however much i thank God for the life i have might not be enough,yes i have complaints but then i am human and thats my excuse 🙂 Work is good,one more month of the morning job and then i am free for 2 months.Will be starting a new small business next month,hopefully early next month.

Drove the evo today,200kms an hour 😀 Yes i know but hey it was Sunday no traffic as such and it was prob for 30 secs or so at best that i was at 200kms or more (even drifted a little)

I think i have gone on a lot and should stop typing now Eid Mubarak to everyone! 😛

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UAE trip

Posted by Alta on April 15, 2010

I got  back from a weeks holiday in Dubai(all ill and tired),a much needed holiday after the busy last few months I have had,working 12 hours a day might be normal for most people but not for me.The week off was great,i had my tickets to the UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi and I got to see the event live which was a great!! I mean the main event sucked and if you are a fight fan you must have heard of Silva doing his ring dance.The day before I got to meet GSP before the weigh ins and that was awesome! He was very nice and friendly and given that he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and has the world at his feet for him to be so down to earth was good to see.I would like to say got my moneys worth but that was just half of it and part of the reason that i went.

Last but not the least,also got to meet the girl,Yay! I think I should ask her to change her name to the girl as I keep referring to her as the girl all the time.Time spent with her was as always nice (insert better word here) and I wish I could have had more time alone with her. She has the most amazing eyes,they just captivate you and I cant help but smile as I look at her,yes I am sad and in love! 🙂

I asked her again,and she said no!  😦 Yes I asked her to run away with me and get married,she just wouldn’t do it.I have given up now and I am not asking again,but hey at least she said yes to marrying me when I asked over a year ago,so in 3 months time we shall have a traditional Pakistani wedding (as close to one as we can get) with 500 odd guests (God I hate people and she loves the fact that ill be stuck there with so many people,yes she is evil!)

Seriously it would have been so cool to run away but meh evil she might be but is no fun. No guests,no drama,no need to worry about the clothes etc etc but now have to go through all of that and as of today lists are being made for me too.Lord please save me!! With a little over three months to go,I cant wait  🙂

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