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Karachi to Keti Bandar

Posted by Alta on November 18, 2008

For those who do not know what or where Keti bandar is (as i had no idea either) ill list a few facts about it.

Keti Bandar is a former port on the Arabian Sea, in the Thatta District, Sindh, Pakistan.Its 157km from Karachi.Keti Bandar was once one of the richest ports in the region, but ceased operations in 1935.The port was built on the remains of the older seaport of Debal where Muhammad bin Qasim and his army arrived from Iraq.

So a bunch of us met up after a long time for dinner,real life has been a bitch for every one it seems past few months.So over dinner the topic comes up that we havent been on a road trip for some time now and that we should make a plan and go soon.

My point was simple,if its a day trip i am in,as i cant be away from the city because of work (and more cause of moms health) HB (Hanif Bahi,pakwheels) came up with the idea of going to keti,explained where it is,and how long it will take.I was more then happy,a day away from work and from everything else,so the phone can be switched off and i don’t need to give topis for the day.

So we leave around 9 am or was it 10 am? either way i had to wake up way too early and i hate the early bit about all these things,but then my plan always is to sleep as much as possible on the way and back so i guess i cant complain much.

At around noon we were at HB’s new farm (i want one) the stop being for lunch,i didn’t expect the lunch to be any good but to my surprise it was! All desi action and loved it.after lunch it was tea time,stretch your legs,relax and chit chat and then we were on our way to keti bander.

Took bloody long to get there,roads not the best but then not bad either,the best bit was everything that was there before the actual bandar,little things and spots,which i am not a big fan off but i have to say was a good change.

So we are there,i wake up and i am like okay where are we? at Keti? eh this is it? There was nothing there,just the sea,honestly nothing but the open seas,which was beautiful but you cant blame me for wanting more cause Bin Qasim,old port,fish,it all sounded so nice!! Only if it was!!

Other then the sea,a small village and market,which had this halwa which was way too sweet and rubber like,tea was good but then tea always is.Stayed there for like 30 mins which was 30 mins more then we should have but when you are with other people you cant have it all your way.

Stopped back at the farm on the way back,Khanu (care taker of the farm) tried to sell me a banana farm,the offer was tempting,i did think about it,but then khanu was the one offering it so i had to say no (though if it had a hut/semi hut i would have gone for it)

Was fun as always,this time though the actual place was a let down,but for someone like me who is in it for the laugh and the ride (sleep,day off) more then anything else it was another good fun trip.

The Pajero leaves tomorrow for Lahore and Islamabad a week round trip (short one yes) but i will not be on it,if anything i will try and be in it when it leaves for a Gawadar and Pasni in Dec but i doubt that ill make it,as that too will be for a few days and thats something i can not do.

Anyone looking for a day off,pick up a map,find a place withen 200kms and go for it,travell through the day and its safe,either keti or Rani kot,or the place i forget the name.Its good fun and very nice and calm from the day to day city stuff.


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The month the week :( :D

Posted by Alta on November 17, 2008

Last week was the worst week i have had for some time,i guess after having it good for so long it was expected that things would go wrong.And its funny that problems come in numbers,small or big.I guess the only good thing in all of this is that its been work related and these things are bound to happen now and again.

The only thing that pissed me was the fact that how it turned out and the things that were said by the other party,though i was proud of the fact that i didnt react the way i would have say year back,the reaction being exchanging some nice words with him and telling him to leave very politely (not true) and ill be honest the thought did cross my mind.

I guess as time passes i am just getting calmer or i have started looking at the bigger picture,the above person is a regular customer,changes a car every month,so i guess i swallowed my pride knowing that by not saying anything he will come back appologiseĀ  (he did) and i wont lose a good customer.

So i guess i did well there,and it did end well.People still owe me money and much of this week will be spent in trying to get them to pay up.

Been ill over the weekend and went to work today in the evening for an hour,the change in weather gets to me every time,still not better and not sure i will go in tomorrow.Have been in a good mood and at my funny best,but will do a new post about that one and the things i say to shock people šŸ˜€

So far so good i guess and from now i on i just have to tell my self “alta big picture”

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Only in Pakistan!

Posted by Alta on November 9, 2008

I will let the picture do the talking (click on pic)


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Three pics in one

Posted by Alta on November 3, 2008

This was a picture taken by a member of and i just had to put it out there.Just a few things that come to mind when i look at it and think for a bit.

Big hotel in the back there,a big bill board telling us about the latest wireless broadband connection available in the country,we have the Toyota avensis an imported car which costs roughly 16 lacs or so and then you have the rikshaw full of a family.

I wonder if they will ever have 16 lacs all at once between all of them together i doubt they look at the big building in the back and think ill have my sons or my wedding there.Will any of them ever be able to use a PC let alone have theĀ  latest dsl on it?

Once a young kid was asked what his dream in life was,his reply was “food two times a day for the rest of my life”

Then in this great capture we have the law enforcers,doing their job the best they can.I wonder what crime the goat committed? Did they read him his rights or cuff him?

Are they just doing their duty and carrying out orders from their sahab and bringing the bakra home for the sahabs children to play with? or did they hustle some poor bakray wala out of a goat as a bonus as its their right to because they are not paid enough.

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