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Make this year 14th August celebration historical

Posted by Alta on March 23, 2010

Mumbai, The Eve of 1920, Gandhi recognized Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the leader of Minority & said the Struggle for Independence should be made on Spiritual Content. Where Muhammad Ali Jinnah always supported the Legal way to Independence by showing Democratic struggle in acheiving a Soveriegn Country.

Quaid-e-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan, hoisted our First Flag the Flag which contains the Crest & Star as the Legal Independence of our Today Pakistan. our flag is been raised High as far as Mount Godwin Austin & the Highest Peak Mount Everest by our Brave Comrades.

It was hoisted when we won our First Olympic Hockey Medal & when we won our First Limited International Worldcup, & last year when we won the T20 Championship. To remark our Half a Century Glory lets us Celebrate our INDEPENDENCE, Our Indepence from an un-educated & un-civilized society to a Civilized & educated Society. A Country where there are no-extremes, where our waters are independant to flow in our Rivers where our land is freed from the un-educated Extremists.

Let us Celebrate our Indepence, & celebrate our Indepence by HOISTING our NATIONAL FLAG on top of every House, Building, Appartments, Shops & other Structure, to remind our common Pakistanis, that how we ve yearned our INDEPENCE. & till 14th August lets show the Spirit & strength to HOIST the Pakistani Flag in All corners of Pakistan.

Let us DREAM the DREAM of PAKISTAN, by Standing with the Flag of our FOREFATHERS (The Crest & Star). If you want then i can provide your flag.

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My first love!

Posted by Alta on October 14, 2009

I love every small thing there is,though not perfect it is what it is.For all the faults that are there,we are to blame,all of us.We have failed but its not the end of  it,its just the beginning.

I have this simple almost childish trust and believe in this country and its people,that we will rise out of all our problems however long or hard the road is,we will survive and we will as a nation become what we were supposed to be,become and realize the dream that Iqbal had for us.

That we will live up to the name and not let the sacrifice of so many before 1947 and every man woman and child who has lost his life defending this country either in a war or in some other attack.That we will be able to look them in the eye then shy away when we see them.

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Mixed bag

Posted by Alta on October 11, 2009

Its been a long week and the weekend didnt last long enough! Yet some how i am in a good mood,a very good mood.Normal for most very strange for me 🙂

Work has been up and down,boring and yet very busy,crazy busy but only for so long and then back to boring again.All of last night the dreams were of work,i woke up sometime in the morning and thats when i realized that i was dreaming,and not actually at work.

Its not new to me,i dream about work often but never so vividly and never seem to remember exactly what was happening in the dream.Needless to say wasnt a pleasant one 🙂

Its funny how people will ask you anything and suggest things out of the blue.Also funny how people try and dig for gossip,funnier i am more then happy to give them enough to last a few weeks,sadly none of it is true.Also whats sad is that i am losing my touch of making things up as i go along and feed people who need the gossip.

I had the perfect opportunity to do so a few days ago and i didnt,i have failed myself and the Gods,i do not know what to do.Even though in my defense if i had fed that person i would prob be dead right now.

Anyone know why there is no Pakistani team in the champions league cricket thats on tv right now?

Kerry Luger  Its getting too old now,the politicians need to come up with something new now.And the media needs to get a proper debate together,cause the politicians are not going to debate about it and the avg joe will never know what the truth is.

No Nadeem Paracha today in the papers? anyone know why? and the mag sucked today!!

Back to work tomorrow 😦 and another week!!

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The Duckworth Lewis Method – Meeting Mr Miandad

Posted by Alta on October 4, 2009

I saw this today and have to say love it,not that the song is great,but just how its done and who its about.

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Whats a muslim?

Posted by Alta on September 6, 2009

I wonder how many more centuries are needed to answer the question

Justice Munir Report on the 1954 anti-Ahmadi riots in Lahore. In the course of the inquiry, Justice Munir pointedly asked every Muslim scholar who appeared before him if he knew of a definition of Islam which could be acceptable by the other sects as well; which could equally apply to everyone and by the help of which we could define, ‘Yes, this is a Muslim’, and ‘That is not a Muslim’.

In the report Munir submits that no two scholars among all Muslim scholars interrogated, agreed on a single definition of what Islam was.

In the case of one particular scholar, he wanted some more time to think over it, and Justice Kayani, who was a partner of Justice Munir in the enquiry commission, said: ‘I cannot give you more time because you have already taken more than fourteen hundred years to ponder over this question. Is that not enough? If fourteen centuries, plus some years are not enough for you to be able to define the very fundamentals of Islam, how much more time would you require?’

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Weddings (and my own)

Posted by Alta on July 12, 2009

Are a pain,for those who are getting married,their families and friends and for those who have to attend them,specially for people like me who do not want to attend any,but are forced to.

I have to attend one today,or would have attend one,given when i am able to finish this,i am hoping that it wont be too bad but then that’s asking too much.To make things even worse,its on a Sunday,my day of sleep and rest and i have to say the time is a bit odd too,8 pm? i mean am i still in Karachi?

Anyways  i have my own to look forward to,in a year or so and the engagement next month,so yeah ill be moaning and crying even more then,not that i dont want to get married,i love the girl,but i just wish that she was willing to elope with me and we wouldnt have to go through all the nonsense.

I even offered her a 5 series if she was willing to run away but she turned me down,i am not sure but i think i even offered a 7 series and that didnt work either,she says i just have to act as my best for 4 hours or so in front of a 100 odd people (i dont like them all) and then put in a repeat performance in a year.Easy for her to say!

As my cousin said “what a difficult woman you’re marrying,won’t even consider other options,i mean seriously, what girl wants to get married with her parents and family and friends around her?

But what does she know,she is a girl too,I just never realized that i would have to go to my own wedding,and sit through it all and go through the routine.But beta you will have to is the reply.

So yeah family is excited,the countdown is on,lists being made,people screaming at me,my sister in charge and taking care of things Lord knows if she wasnt nothing would be getting done,so thank you so much!

In a few weeks it will be the dress reharsal to the main event next year and i guess S is right i need to behave and act nice for 4 hours or so.But i still am hoping ke you will agree to elope(please?)

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