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This week will be shite!

Posted by Alta on April 27, 2009

After the way this  week has started i would be surprised if it ends up being a decent one.It wasnt like i was all too happy when i woke up this morning,and i hate getting up at 9 am,i know most people are at work by then but feck that!

Started FM 09 again,this time with league one Leeds,so thats prob the only upside to things,and looking forward to the big night on Wednesday! *one nil to the Arsenal!*

A long crappy rubbish hot day today was,i guess time to watch cricket and play poker,though cricket is just not the same these days.


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The little green men

Posted by Alta on April 26, 2009

Life sucks at times and you can not do anything about it,this week has been like that and just keeps getting worse!

So what do you do when you have no say and have no control over things? Little things start to bother you,and you do realize after 5 mins that you were being silly but its already too late.

Something or the other running through the head at all times,and the worst bit you start thinking negative,the mind is filled with negative thoughts and how ever hard you try to shake them they dont go away,and i hate being negative!

I guess i need to speak my mind or change things around,because this is not helping,its just screwing with my head and i am not too happy about that.Time for me to think differently about things and time to close shop for a while and see where things stand.

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Posted by Alta on April 19, 2009

Are those who show up at the wrong time every time and always without calling,oh and then they dont leave for an hour!! *small rant over*

Other then that life is good,very good.Going to hate it tomorrow morning when i have to wake up but its good 🙂

I still dont have a car,well i do but not a permanent one but then i havent been looking either so..

I dont much like cricket now,its just not the same 😦

Enough random for one post.

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