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Whats a muslim?

Posted by Alta on September 6, 2009

I wonder how many more centuries are needed to answer the question

Justice Munir Report on the 1954 anti-Ahmadi riots in Lahore. In the course of the inquiry, Justice Munir pointedly asked every Muslim scholar who appeared before him if he knew of a definition of Islam which could be acceptable by the other sects as well; which could equally apply to everyone and by the help of which we could define, ‘Yes, this is a Muslim’, and ‘That is not a Muslim’.

In the report Munir submits that no two scholars among all Muslim scholars interrogated, agreed on a single definition of what Islam was.

In the case of one particular scholar, he wanted some more time to think over it, and Justice Kayani, who was a partner of Justice Munir in the enquiry commission, said: ‘I cannot give you more time because you have already taken more than fourteen hundred years to ponder over this question. Is that not enough? If fourteen centuries, plus some years are not enough for you to be able to define the very fundamentals of Islam, how much more time would you require?’


3 Responses to “Whats a muslim?”

  1. hamarapakistan1947 said

    It is becoz Islam didn’t came with Definitions.

  2. Alta said

    So you are saying that we will never be able to pin point who is a muslim and who isnt?

    Islam has all the answers no?

  3. hamarapakistan1947 said

    no I said, Islam didn’t came with Definition. If the criteria of being a Muslim is fitting into a Definition, and then God knows best and non of us know anything.

    If the criteria of being Muslim are the teachings of Allah’s final Prophet then there is absolutely no need for any definitions.

    Few basic things include: [1] Believe in One God with all his 99 Attributes, [2] Believe in all the Messengers [3] All the Books and Tablets revealed before Prophet Muhammad [4] Muhammad is the Seal of the Prophet [5] Belive in ANgels [6] Believe in the Day of Judgement [7] Believe in Qadr.

    There are more basic principles. It is not something very complicated. Any one who believes that Prophet Muhammad was not the prophet, was not the last prophet, that Quran is being tempered (as some orientalists say), that God doesn’t exist, that there are many Gods, that One God does exist but has left the universe on its own and so we have no connection with Him and many other refutation of basic principles by one is de facto Kufr thus is declared Non-Muslim.

    I don’t see how you can summarize Creed and Principles into few lined Definition.

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