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The Shoe has been traced

Posted by Alta on December 17, 2008

The pair of shoes which was thrown at Mr. Bush in Iraq has links to Pakistan, said a statement from Pentagon. They have the following proofs:

i) The journalist had visited Pakistan earlier this year. There he was inspired by the shoe throwing at former CM Arbab Ghulam Rahim and Sher Afghan Niazi.

ii) He received his training of throwing shoes by a Pakistan based Jihadi organization.

iii) The DNA sample of leather has revealed that the animal whose skin was used for manufacturing the shoe had traces of grass which is grown in North of Pakistan and this skin was collected by a Jihadi organization on Eid-ul-Adha this month.

Hearing this, President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani have decided to ban the Jihadi organization and launched a country wide crackdown against all the cobblers in Pakistan

* Got it in an email and i thought it was funny,funny in how our Govt reacts or this one has been about issues,its a joke!


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Try again son! LOL

Posted by Alta on December 9, 2008

I couldnt stop laughing!

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Posted by Alta on December 1, 2008

What happened in Mumbai was sad and i am not happy about it for two reasons,firstly for those who were affected by it,and for how it affects Pakistan.

The Indians (and when i say Indians i do not mean the common man on the street but the politicians and the Govt of India) from the get go started the same old crap that Pakistan is behind it and everyone doing the usual dance and show,the media (indian) didnt wait to breath and think for a second but hey it sells right.

And its funny that the Pakistani Pres says that the media has been sensible and all of that,what a load of crap! Ours on the other hand for a change were decent to start with but then they jumped in and got on the attack and for once i liked them.But why the Pakistani Govt fail to see whats happening is beyond me.

Nusrat from Aaj Tv who did interview the Pres did push him on the above but he failed to answer and just defended it,and the same old crap about democracy being young,and what this has to do with anything i do not know.

And say we are democratic which we are not,why do we just announce that something will happen so quickly then go back on it,i am talking about the sending of the ISI chief to India and then saying oops nope he wont go but his chota will.

Why not just think for 2 hours,talk to those elected by the people and come to a conclusion then,but then i guess if all of that happens then we wouldnt be talking about Pakistan now would we.

My point is that other then those who lost their lives or loved ones in Mumbai who has the most to gain or lose? Indian elections coming up,strong words from the govt,some resign,some actions and they might just win the elections.

Then there is the bigger issue and that of Pakistan,all this does is put Pakistan in danger,as it is we have issues,the war we are fighting on the afghan border,the problems in Baluchistan (*) and the economy.It creates more problems for us then anyone else and we have been hit the worst from these attacks then anyone else.

* Many have said that the problems in Baluchistan are being created/helped by RAW and that India is behind some of it if not all of it,as it does them a big favor.As one Indian reporter whose article i read says that once Pakistan breaks up india has to make sure that it controls that province as it can not allow china to take over the gawadar port.How once Pakistan breaks up Sindh will be more then happy to part with India as it hates Punjab.

Read an other blog today by an Indian lady,jist of it is Pakistan is to blame,throw all Pakistanis out of India (reality tv walay) and stop with good good feeling we try and build.Also she mentioned abt visa and stuff though didnt realize or doesnt know that same crap fro visa applies to Pakistanis when they want to visit India.

Now lets come to Karachi and whats been happening here for the last two days,i am sure i am not the only one who had a feeling that things will happen here after what took place in Mumbai,or am I? And its crazy that the Govt has done next to nothing,the news channel like the govt are busy with India and not much is being reported,i mean if a politician sneezes they have pictures and vids of it and not much coverage of Karachi?

The Pres says we should register those coming into Karachi (though in his interview with nusrat he totally dodged the questions about Karachi) as its about those who live here and those coming into the city.That is bloody stupid and the counter argument from people is what happens if other provinces start doing the same for those coming from Karachi,my response as a joke is they can as no one from here wants to go there.

If anything that they need to do is,do something to solve Karachis problems,be it the mass transit that we need badly,law and order situation in the city and just invest back into karachi for it makes most of the money for the country.And for those who say look at all the work being done etc its not being done by the federal govt (you know what i mean)

Karachi is being linked to the attacks in India and here we are sitting on our back sides saying nothing,they were trained here and what not,the only connection i see is to the attacks in India and Karachi is that our city just got dragged into it and whats been happening in Karachi over the past few days is in direct relation to India.

I am just sick as a Karachite of my city being put on the ignore list every time,I hate the fact that every time something like this happens no one takes notice of it and i can only imagine what the people in the North of the country are feeling right now.

Yes i know kinda mixed up thoughts and what but bah I just want my country and my city to be safe and things to get better,but as i always say none of that will happen till people like you and I blog and watch tv rather then coming out on the streets and say we elected you,its time you do what we want or you are out.

But that will remain a dream and nothing will happen,we will continue like we have,all talk and no show.

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