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The chitrali run machine

Posted by Alta on February 24, 2009

Younus Khan is 306 not out over night and has Lara’s record in his sights,i hope he gets it,i bloody hope he gets it!

I have been a fan of his from the time he was in and out of the team all those years ago and i would tell my friends he should be sent to bat at no 3.He is the best batsmen we have right now and i hope he keeps the captaincy as well,he is a pathan after all and can blow up anytime.

Though he is set to cross many land marks if he is able to score some runs tomorrow morning in Karachi,what ever the case its been a great innings and a match saving one!!

Well done son!! Though i would have been there at the National Stadium as always,i always catch a day or two of a test,even though i wasnt there i saw it live on the tv and ill remember this day for a long time!

Hanif Mohammad’s 337, set in 1958 against the West Indies in Barbados, remains the highest score by a Pakistani, eight runs ahead of Inzamam-ul-Haq’s 329 against New Zealand in 2002.

400: Brian Lara* (WI)
380: Matthew Hayden (Aus)
375: Brian Lara (WI)
374: Mahela Jayawardene (Sri)
365*: Garfield Sobers (WI)
364: Len Hutton (Eng)
340: Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri)
* denotes not out score

Younus’ mammoth innings has so far taken 12 hours and 11 minutes, 545 deliveries and featured 27 boundaries and four sixes with attractive strokeplay on both sides of the wicket.

He brought up his triple ton with a reverse-sweep for three off Muttiah Muralitharan, who finished a gruelling day with figures of 1-165 from 60 overs.

The innings also enabled Younus to became the sixth Pakistani to reach 5,000 runs in Test cricket in his 59th match.


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“Pakistan has world’s largest WiMAX network – Will America catch up?”, wonders TMCnet

Posted by Alta on February 16, 2009

Doesn’t that headline just put a smile on your face? You’re not the only one. It’s great to see that the significant human effort augmented by billions of dollars invested in Pakistan’s IT infrastructure and skill-development are bearing tangible fruit. There are several areas where Pakistan is leading the pack already, and others where it is threatening to.

  1. Pakistan is the most connected country in South Asia, with the highest teledensity
  2. Pakistan’s communications costs are lower than any other country in the region
  3. Pakistan has the world’s largest biometric database (NADRA); this system (not the data)  is now being provided to allied countries
  4. Pakistan has the world’s largest WiMAX network
  5. Pakistan has one of the world’s most aggressive Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) rollouts
  6. Pakistan has one of the highest rates of cellular connectivity growth in the world (According to PTA 2007’s report the rate of growth in Pakistan’s mobile sector is fourth highest in the world)
  7. Pakistan was the winner of the 2007 GSM industry association award
  8. The US is importing UAVs designed and built in Pakistan to protect America’s borders
  9. With WLL (CDMA), WiMAX, GSM and FTTH, Pakistan is pretty much leading the pack in terms of diversity and breadth of connectivity
  10. According to Gartner, Pakistan is a “first category” offshoring location; this ranking has grown by leaps and bounds
  11. Pakistani companies won several awards at Asia’s APICTA startup/innovation conference and were considered the most “interesting” and cutting edge in Asia
  12. The world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional is a Pakistani and so if the world’s youngest Cisco CCNA professional
  13. Pakistani students excelled in MIT’s global software talent competition
  14. Citations of Pakistani scientific publications are rising sharply
  15. Over two dozen Pakistani scientists are working on the Large Hadron Collider; the grandest experiment in the history of Physics

And I tire listing all of these out… there are so many more. The point is that the Pakistani IT industry is rapidly developing and this is most definitely an area where significant progress is being made, damning all the torpedoes and naysayers. Pretty exciting on its own, right? But progress  in IT doesn’t just mean progress in IT. It means a vibrant economy, better healthcare through Telemedicine, increased efficiency in government through record automation (e.g. land records project), a more effective defence, increased outreach for higher education and much more.

Technology is a transformational vehicle for our society. And we’re just now starting to see the impact. Many times, progress in specific areas will appear slow, but in part that is explained by the exponential curves normally associated with technology adoption. When you start small, high growth rates aren’t ‘visible on the ground’ for the first few months or years because the overall numbers remain small. But this changes when you hit the knee of the curve, at which point things are fundamentally transformed and are altered for ever.

In Pakistan, these transformations have occurred in many areas already, and will continue to occur in numerous others. Frankly, I just consider myself lucky to be around to watch the awesome progress unfold!

Posted by techlahore on December 14th, 2008

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Posted by Alta on February 13, 2009

Could do with a smoke right about now,not even 4pm what a day!!

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Posted by Alta on February 9, 2009

I have been tagged and now i have to make a list of 16 random things,facts,habits or goals about me that people may know or not know.

The following are 16 things that people may or may not know about me,the following might be fact or fiction.

1) I am bad at explaining things/describing things.

2) I can come with stories bollywood would be proud off,and have made and told plenty of them in my life,some very famous ones.

3) I like playing with peoples heads,i just love it 🙂

4) I have no patience.

5) I do not know my blood type.

6) In school,i did not attend the Islamiat  class for 2 years as the teacher was told by someone (by me ) that i was adopted and my birth parents were christian.

7) I was a bookie back in school,all bets were made through me.

8 ) I cant live without test cricket and football.

9) I hate people who are negative about everything in life/I also hate people who are fake.

10) Neighbor lady once tried to run me over with her car,and it was intentional.

11) I am not nice to every one,i pick and chose.

12) I dont have many friends,i am a hard/bad friend to have.

13)  I have had chappals thrown at me more then once.

14) I cant swim.

15) I love video games,text based on line games,manager games,strategy games.

16) I love Sonali Bendre/always have.

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Sundays suck!

Posted by Alta on February 1, 2009

I do not know if thats true,but today did!

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