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Small steps

Posted by Alta on May 20, 2010

After 2 weeks or more of delay and delays ,the new business officially is in business with the first few clients (have had many before but not under the proper name and such) coming in and work being done.As luck would have it this week has been really hot,and a lot of out door running ,and to be fair i knew there would be plenty of running around.Just wish it was a little cooler,and yes i should have started this in the winters!

Overall its started well,even though the websites first draft was really bad (80% my fault) the second draft has been uploaded but before i tell the world i want it to be as close to perfect as it can be,but its getting there which is a good thing.I have a short temper and i get irritated by small things easily (lasts about 5 secs) and i am sure my partner is realising this now,even though he should have known before hand and dude if you didnt your fault 🙂 I might be a pain at times i know but no one is perfect not even me,i know its sad but its the truth.

So todays funny,and how i shouldnt be doing this.Some one close to me and someone who i know thinks only the best for me goes along the lines of this is hard work and it will never work,to how much are you making on this one job (i didnt answer my tax lawyer has asked me to pretend to be deaf and dumb when someone asks me about it),to how i should get a separate office (yes working out of the old one right now which is plenty)

I am like dude! you think this wont work,i am wasting my time,and want me to rent out a new place? why? I want to take it slow i am in no rush (i never am) he didnt have an answer.I also love how all memons at work think its not going to work right which is fine,yet they keep asking me about it and want to know as much detail as they can and then they try to tell me that i am doing it wrong and the whole wont work theory.I just smiled today,many times 🙂


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Cant be done

Posted by Alta on April 28, 2010

I am sick of people telling me that something cant be done,in this case its work related and a new business i am setting up,really small scale with a lot of work involved but has a lot of potential and yes it will be very hard to pull off,and will take a lot time and effort,results will be slow i know all of that,i am not stupid.

Its just so silly of people to go oh but it wont wont,oh you will have this problem that problem,yeah like i didnt know.I tend not to tell people off when it comes to free advise that people give,thinking and realising that they are saying what they are in all honesty and good intentions but i guess i had enough of it today and have told two people today i dont want to hear it,i know what i am doing and getting into,if i need your advise ill ask for it.

So yeah stfu 🙂

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I have fools working for me!

Posted by Alta on April 26, 2010

Yes they are a big help but create small unnecessary issues that can be avoided so easily and are non issues.Also the fact that these women do not want to change anything,like today i said “lets do such and such next week” and “she goes oh but no we cant we always do it in November ” I am like what? idea we just do.The reason why its done then is because the first time it was done was then,and what is this thing? A colour week for the kids at school,so why November? why not December or May? Lord help me!

The other issue today and yes was a big issue,some books were not printed and bound correctly and the paper was coming lose,when they hand me the said books,which were two in number had one paper each that was lose and had come out.I just looked at them and said oh my ab kia ho ga? ek paper nikal aya (oh my what will happen now a single paper just came out) and i just gave the books back to them.

This is part of my morning job at a school where i am surrounded my women,women who love to make a fuss and exclaim at every minor thing.One month to go and then i am free of them for two months!

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The little green men

Posted by Alta on April 26, 2009

Life sucks at times and you can not do anything about it,this week has been like that and just keeps getting worse!

So what do you do when you have no say and have no control over things? Little things start to bother you,and you do realize after 5 mins that you were being silly but its already too late.

Something or the other running through the head at all times,and the worst bit you start thinking negative,the mind is filled with negative thoughts and how ever hard you try to shake them they dont go away,and i hate being negative!

I guess i need to speak my mind or change things around,because this is not helping,its just screwing with my head and i am not too happy about that.Time for me to think differently about things and time to close shop for a while and see where things stand.

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12 days only

Posted by Alta on January 12, 2009

Its been a good start to the new year but a bloody slow one,work is slow but good,if you manage to sell cars in times like these something is going right for you.

But the stop start weeks do not help,and work really is slow,so its boring.Then this customer today offers me a job today,has a company that deals with anything under water,so ships that sink or the deep sea cables.

Says he is looking for someone who is good with computers,speaks decent English and can be an all rounder like for him,as his last guy left and that i can learn a lot from him and what not.

I was more then happy to hear his offer and so i asked him ke whats the pay,and he says oh we can talk about it at my office,tum kal zaroor aoo.I will sure but still i would like to know,Rs 14,000 to start with,9 am to 6 pm,6 days a week,but its a great opportunity for you etc etc

Before i could say anything some one else who is at the showroom with me jumped in,probably thinking ke aaj we si he alta kuta kha ke behta hai and now this uncle comes in at 8 pm and pagal bana raha hai for the last hour.

I wouldnt have said anything mean or rude to him,would have just thanked him and said no,i mean he was just being nice i guess and he was under the impression ke i am just a sales person there,so not his fault at all (that i look like monkey),haan in return i would have offered him a job with me as a joke thats for sure.

Did sell him a car in the end,the job offer is still there if i wish to take it,i might just give him a visit when i am bored 😀

But yes been one of those days,dad and i have had our bust up today twice in the last 2 hours,and i am sure there will be more,i guess its high time too we have been too nice to each other and havent had a fight for some time now.

Time for tea 🙂

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New Year new start

Posted by Alta on January 2, 2009

Had no idea that new year would start like this for me,waking up a 7 am (normal for many yes,but i am one of those lucky few who walks in to work at 1pm or 2 pm and i am back home by 9 pm max) and working through the day till 8 30 pm or so and back home.

I have not been up this early for the last 3 or 4 years,normally go to bed around 3 or 4am and wake up at 11am or so,have been in bed by 11.30pm and up at 7 am,no fun but not too bad either 🙂

I am lazy,but if i have to do something and set my mind to it then thats it have to do it (pats self on the back) and in this case have to do it,reward might not be there short term but 3 or 4 years down the line it will be worth it.And for those wondering if i am going back to school no i am not,well i am but not to study 😉

So right now its not clear if this new thing will work out or not,its up in the air but either way i do plan on going in at 8 am for a few weeks and make some changes.So this month will be busy and fun 🙂

Work has been slow over the last 2 months,though still a few sales here and there so cant complain.Issues as always and its been one of those weeks,crazy and silly things but problems still that need to be sorted.

So all in all a very mixed start to the new year,long week,long days,will be a long month,but better then being bored with nothing to do at all 🙂

(something is wrong with me,i should not be all smiles and enjoying all this extra work and should be complaining like i normally would)

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