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Protected: sab khatam ho gaya….

Posted by Alta on August 24, 2009

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Single again :(

Posted by Alta on January 22, 2009

After three long years of being with her,having spent every day of my life with her its over,we have moved on,she has found someone else and its time i start looking for someone too now.

I will always love her,and i will never forget her,she was a big part of my life for those years,we did everything together,she was always there for me and i feel i let her down but it was time for us to go our separate ways,it just wanst meant to be for us.

I first met her when she came to Karachi in 2006,and the moment i saw her i knew that she was the one for me.We used to meet at work almost daily,we would look at each other but never talked,with time that changed and then one day i took her out with me for lunch and there was no looking back for us.

It was like she was made for me,she was perfect,beautiful,smart,had the perfect eyes and her voice…I still love her and i miss her!

The next three years were spent together,and time passed very quickly,we never had a problem,in fact had the best time together,the long drives,the rains we enjoyed,being on the road with her or being stuck in traffic on the way back from work and listening to her sing to me is something i will always remember.

I do not know what changed,i knew i still loved her,i still do,but something changed,maybe it was after her accident that we started to grow apart or maybe it was just time for us to move on,i know she has.

I still think of her,i even had a dream of her last night,my friends ask me about her,my family can not believe that we are no longer together,i can not believe it either.

I am single again and i am looking to find a new love all over again,i miss my car 😦

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