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Weddings (and my own)

Posted by Alta on July 12, 2009

Are a pain,for those who are getting married,their families and friends and for those who have to attend them,specially for people like me who do not want to attend any,but are forced to.

I have to attend one today,or would have attend one,given when i am able to finish this,i am hoping that it wont be too bad but then that’s asking too much.To make things even worse,its on a Sunday,my day of sleep and rest and i have to say the time is a bit odd too,8 pm? i mean am i still in Karachi?

Anyways  i have my own to look forward to,in a year or so and the engagement next month,so yeah ill be moaning and crying even more then,not that i dont want to get married,i love the girl,but i just wish that she was willing to elope with me and we wouldnt have to go through all the nonsense.

I even offered her a 5 series if she was willing to run away but she turned me down,i am not sure but i think i even offered a 7 series and that didnt work either,she says i just have to act as my best for 4 hours or so in front of a 100 odd people (i dont like them all) and then put in a repeat performance in a year.Easy for her to say!

As my cousin said “what a difficult woman you’re marrying,won’t even consider other options,i mean seriously, what girl wants to get married with her parents and family and friends around her?

But what does she know,she is a girl too,I just never realized that i would have to go to my own wedding,and sit through it all and go through the routine.But beta you will have to is the reply.

So yeah family is excited,the countdown is on,lists being made,people screaming at me,my sister in charge and taking care of things Lord knows if she wasnt nothing would be getting done,so thank you so much!

In a few weeks it will be the dress reharsal to the main event next year and i guess S is right i need to behave and act nice for 4 hours or so.But i still am hoping ke you will agree to elope(please?)


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This week will be shite!

Posted by Alta on April 27, 2009

After the way this  week has started i would be surprised if it ends up being a decent one.It wasnt like i was all too happy when i woke up this morning,and i hate getting up at 9 am,i know most people are at work by then but feck that!

Started FM 09 again,this time with league one Leeds,so thats prob the only upside to things,and looking forward to the big night on Wednesday! *one nil to the Arsenal!*

A long crappy rubbish hot day today was,i guess time to watch cricket and play poker,though cricket is just not the same these days.

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Long week longer day!

Posted by Alta on March 18, 2009

The i love to complain and havent for some time post 🙂

You know how i complain about how bored i am at times and i have nothing to do all day,how there is no work etc etc I wish i was having one of those weeks.

I have been to urdu bazaar this week 3 times and today was the worst,though i am done with it for this year,maybe one short trip but thats nothing after today.

I hate mornings and i hate getting up early,i wish i could say i am being forced to wake up early but it was all my doing,dam me!

It wont end any time soon either,more of the same for the next 2 months and  things will even pick up come April so 😦

Work work,as in cars is slow no sales this month,so gari waiqai nahi bikti 🙂 Well 2 weeks to go so who knows 🙂

I am so glad this weekend is a long weekend,i could do with the sleep and being a bum that i love to be,i miss the old me!! Going to bed at 7 am and waking up at 7pm being locked in my room playing games for long hours,actually ill be doing that this weekend,time to put the PS3 to good use.

Also time to meet my friends,havent seen them for a month or more i think,not my fault alone they work and do not have the time (ok so not all true but still)

A roat trip too maybe 😀

Life is good though,i just like to complain 🙂

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Three pics in one

Posted by Alta on November 3, 2008

This was a picture taken by a member of and i just had to put it out there.Just a few things that come to mind when i look at it and think for a bit.

Big hotel in the back there,a big bill board telling us about the latest wireless broadband connection available in the country,we have the Toyota avensis an imported car which costs roughly 16 lacs or so and then you have the rikshaw full of a family.

I wonder if they will ever have 16 lacs all at once between all of them together i doubt they look at the big building in the back and think ill have my sons or my wedding there.Will any of them ever be able to use a PC let alone have the  latest dsl on it?

Once a young kid was asked what his dream in life was,his reply was “food two times a day for the rest of my life”

Then in this great capture we have the law enforcers,doing their job the best they can.I wonder what crime the goat committed? Did they read him his rights or cuff him?

Are they just doing their duty and carrying out orders from their sahab and bringing the bakra home for the sahabs children to play with? or did they hustle some poor bakray wala out of a goat as a bonus as its their right to because they are not paid enough.

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1 am

Posted by Alta on August 23, 2007

Yes at 1 am tonight i got a call and had to rush to the showroom to play get away driver again.The city Govt this time thought it would be more fun to do a raid on the showroom walas in the middle of the night and catch us off guard.

Little did they know monkies dont sleep,atleast not this one.So yes played A1 GP again but was no fun,no one chased me this time 😦

 Have been planning to do a 14th Aug and Pak issues post,but havent been up to it nor in the mood,but will do so this weekend i hope.

Anyways a short post to say i am alive and kicking,and if any city govt official is reading this,mate just take a parking fee or get better cars to chase me around in please!! It will be so much more fun i promise!!

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