Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!

I have fools working for me!

Posted by Alta on April 26, 2010

Yes they are a big help but create small unnecessary issues that can be avoided so easily and are non issues.Also the fact that these women do not want to change anything,like today i said “lets do such and such next week” and “she goes oh but no we cant we always do it in November ” I am like what? idea we just do.The reason why its done then is because the first time it was done was then,and what is this thing? A colour week for the kids at school,so why November? why not December or May? Lord help me!

The other issue today and yes was a big issue,some books were not printed and bound correctly and the paper was coming lose,when they hand me the said books,which were two in number had one paper each that was lose and had come out.I just looked at them and said oh my ab kia ho ga? ek paper nikal aya (oh my what will happen now a single paper just came out) and i just gave the books back to them.

This is part of my morning job at a school where i am surrounded my women,women who love to make a fuss and exclaim at every minor thing.One month to go and then i am free of them for two months!


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