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UAE trip

Posted by Alta on April 15, 2010

I got  back from a weeks holiday in Dubai(all ill and tired),a much needed holiday after the busy last few months I have had,working 12 hours a day might be normal for most people but not for me.The week off was great,i had my tickets to the UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi and I got to see the event live which was a great!! I mean the main event sucked and if you are a fight fan you must have heard of Silva doing his ring dance.The day before I got to meet GSP before the weigh ins and that was awesome! He was very nice and friendly and given that he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and has the world at his feet for him to be so down to earth was good to see.I would like to say got my moneys worth but that was just half of it and part of the reason that i went.

Last but not the least,also got to meet the girl,Yay! I think I should ask her to change her name to the girl as I keep referring to her as the girl all the time.Time spent with her was as always nice (insert better word here) and I wish I could have had more time alone with her. She has the most amazing eyes,they just captivate you and I cant help but smile as I look at her,yes I am sad and in love! 🙂

I asked her again,and she said no!  😦 Yes I asked her to run away with me and get married,she just wouldn’t do it.I have given up now and I am not asking again,but hey at least she said yes to marrying me when I asked over a year ago,so in 3 months time we shall have a traditional Pakistani wedding (as close to one as we can get) with 500 odd guests (God I hate people and she loves the fact that ill be stuck there with so many people,yes she is evil!)

Seriously it would have been so cool to run away but meh evil she might be but is no fun. No guests,no drama,no need to worry about the clothes etc etc but now have to go through all of that and as of today lists are being made for me too.Lord please save me!! With a little over three months to go,I cant wait  🙂


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