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Posted by Alta on March 23, 2010

Its been one of those days or two,where however good life is there is something missing,something is not right,well thats me for the past day or two.Just a lot on the mind and a lot happening around me and also with me over reacting and just thinking too much.I dont know whats wrong with me to be honest,everything is good,work is going well and so is the school.I just got back from a nice two day trip (will do a post of it) and will be in UAE next month and watch the UFC live and also get to meet the girl ๐Ÿ™‚ and yet i am ๐Ÿ˜ฆ most of the time.

I do need to relax and stop letting small things get to me,over thinking things and letting others feed my head which utter crap and of how they see things and how things will be.It will be what it will be,it will be between us and we will be fine! I do not need the tutoring and the next time someone tells me or tries to warn/teach/help me whoever it maybe will get a doze of the old Alta and it wont be pretty.I am being to nice for my own good.

I must be nice to my dad though,he does get to me but its not fair on him with everything thats going on and what he has to go through and just for that i need to behave with him and just say yes and do what he says then discuss things specially when he thinks i am trying to argue which pisses me off even more,because i am not i am discussing and thats how we have been raised,everything must be discussed to death.So yes have to try and avoid these discussions with him and say yes sir.

Another Pakwheeler passed away today,another car crash,over a year to Adils death i think.I wonder if thats how it will end for me too,speeding does kill.Ever thought about taking your own life? i have!

I am going to try and write once a week,i like getting it out of my system and this is the best way,though i will get into trouble for all of the above and more but no way around it.Planned on watching a movie once a week,that went down the drain.Watched rather tried to skip through tum kab jao gay yesterday and just switched it off was so bad!! konkana needs to pick better movies and yes i think she is a very good actor and kinda pretty too,though Sonali Bendre is still top of the list!

I have never been afraid of failing,because i always believed that i would never fail,and yet the biggest fear now is the fear of failure.Havent smoked for over a year now though lord knows i could do with a kitkat right now and have been wanting/tempted to smoke lately which is strange.

Also i just got this on youtube This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country.Well fuck you sony!! (i still love my ps3) i mean wtf?? Its a bloody music video!!


3 Responses to “Enter title here!”

  1. Omer said

    “Ever thought about taking your own life? i have!”

    Insaan Bano!

  2. SaFire said

    It’s definitely irritating when youtube gives that in your face notification.:)

    Don’t take your life though and don’t think about doing that either. I’d rather you be a FIGHTER and yeah, show them all.

    ps. LIGHTEN UP. when have you really LAUGHED? I mean come on, if you get to see the, ‘Girl’.. whoa… that’s the best thing ever. Isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Alta said

    @ Omer i love you too!!

    @ S Its stupid of them as far as i am concerned i mean whats the point of this country block?

    I am not about to die any time soon,that was a stupid comment and one i should have avoided,and it didnt really mean anything,just one of those things (stupid).

    As for the lighten up bit,i am very crazy and at ease in life,but there are times when things and work pressure does get to me.

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