Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!

My first love!

Posted by Alta on October 14, 2009

I love every small thing there is,though not perfect it is what it is.For all the faults that are there,we are to blame,all of us.We have failed but its not the end of  it,its just the beginning.

I have this simple almost childish trust and believe in this country and its people,that we will rise out of all our problems however long or hard the road is,we will survive and we will as a nation become what we were supposed to be,become and realize the dream that Iqbal had for us.

That we will live up to the name and not let the sacrifice of so many before 1947 and every man woman and child who has lost his life defending this country either in a war or in some other attack.That we will be able to look them in the eye then shy away when we see them.

One thing i would like to see change is that we somehow forget that this country isnt just about Muslims and that minorities live here too and they are as much Pakistani as anyone of us and have as much stake and say over this land then any of us.Dont forget they will be by your side ready to die when the time comes,because that craze the pagal pan the jazba to do or die doesnt come from being a Muslim,it comes from being a Pakistani,its in our blood Christian,Hindu or Muslim if you are a Pakistani you have it in you.Its just about when you realize that you have the power.

I love this country,i would die for it and when the time comes if it so happens then i will and ill have  a smile on my face.

I am a Pakistani first!!


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