Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!

Mixed bag

Posted by Alta on October 11, 2009

Its been a long week and the weekend didnt last long enough! Yet some how i am in a good mood,a very good mood.Normal for most very strange for me 🙂

Work has been up and down,boring and yet very busy,crazy busy but only for so long and then back to boring again.All of last night the dreams were of work,i woke up sometime in the morning and thats when i realized that i was dreaming,and not actually at work.

Its not new to me,i dream about work often but never so vividly and never seem to remember exactly what was happening in the dream.Needless to say wasnt a pleasant one 🙂

Its funny how people will ask you anything and suggest things out of the blue.Also funny how people try and dig for gossip,funnier i am more then happy to give them enough to last a few weeks,sadly none of it is true.Also whats sad is that i am losing my touch of making things up as i go along and feed people who need the gossip.

I had the perfect opportunity to do so a few days ago and i didnt,i have failed myself and the Gods,i do not know what to do.Even though in my defense if i had fed that person i would prob be dead right now.

Anyone know why there is no Pakistani team in the champions league cricket thats on tv right now?

Kerry Luger  Its getting too old now,the politicians need to come up with something new now.And the media needs to get a proper debate together,cause the politicians are not going to debate about it and the avg joe will never know what the truth is.

No Nadeem Paracha today in the papers? anyone know why? and the mag sucked today!!

Back to work tomorrow 😦 and another week!!


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