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About a girl

Posted by Alta on August 24, 2009

I dont remember when i met her for the first time,or how old i was either and i am certain she doesnt know for sure either.I met her again 3 years ago,a brief meeting,after many years of no interaction,having lived in different countries,wanting different things and having different dreams.

As i sat there talking to her,there was this ease,as if we had known each other,that we had met before,indeed we had but there had been a gap of 8 or 9 years but that some how didnt matter.I have always told her that,with her there never was any pretending,i have never felt more at ease with her then with anyone else,even more so now.

With time i realized she was like me,crazy.We would and still do,talk about anything and everything and if a normal person were to hear our convo they would go mad.I like that about us,we are who we are,both of us have quirks and flaws and the other knows about them and are happy.I always wanted that,not having to pretend to be someone i wasnt or to lie and with her i dont have to.

She has kept me sane for the last few months,she doesnt know that but she has and i do not know where i would be today if it wasnt for her,because the last few months have been very hard for me.Today like many days when i have been down and in the gutter and she would come along and make everything okay without even knowing what affect she was having on me.

It was past 3 am when she called,just seeing her name on the caller id made me smile,we talked for about 5 mins maybe,and in those 5 mins she made me forget about my day and everything else that was wrong up till that point.

She was excited,i could tell from her voice she didnt need to tell me.By the end of that short call,i was no longer sleepy,i was excited too.I didnt sleep till 6 am that night,when i was ready to drop dead at 3 am.She has that affect on me,no matter how sad or down i am,just talking to her,just listening to her voice makes it all good.In that time nothing else matters its just about her,its like i forget everything that is around me.

She has good timing too,today i have had the worst day emotionally i have ever had,and guess who called πŸ™‚ We talk almost daily at night,so there was no need to call,but she did i dont know why but i am glad that she did,its like i tell her ke i need her doze now and again and its true i do.The little bit of happy that there was today was in those 3 mins on the phone with her.

I didnt expect to be here writing this,or anything remotely close to it when i think back to that first meeting,i didnt expect her to be this close to me,for her to mean so much to me as she does today.I love her for her pagal pan,for being the voice of reason,for when she says aisay he.The little things that make her,her.All i know is ke i love her and i wish to see her happy always.


8 Responses to “About a girl”

  1. Hi Alta,
    Aren’t you lucky to have such a wonderful friend!!!!!! I have a person in my life that makes me feel the same why but we don’t talk near as much as I would liek. I’m jealous!!! Thanks for sharing. Reading your post made me cry just thinking how much I appreciate those very special people that touch our lives.

    Hope you are having more up days then down. Thanks for writing the post. Take care

    • Alta said

      Yes i am very lucky πŸ™‚ and lol @ the jealous bit.

      I hope you and the person do get to talk more often and yes its been a good week,thanks for the wishes.Hope you have had a good week too.

  2. hollyeburne said


    There isn’t much I can say–you have said it all. You have an extremly special and rare relationship.You have described ‘unconditional love’. There is no need or temptation to change each other. Enjoy and savor the times together.

    Blessings to you and your special friend,

  3. S said

    errrmmm… so since nobody asked: DO YOU LOVE HER in a non best friendy way? If you do, what are you waiting for? πŸ™‚

  4. Alta said

    @ S

    Yes i do LOVE her!!!! and yes in a non best friend way.I am waiting for her marriage,she gets married in 5 months or so,ill be there too and not much that can be done about it now.

  5. Alta said

    5 months later….she is sitting next to me,still my best friend and now also my wife πŸ™‚

  6. SaFire said

    shukr. MashaAllah. πŸ™‚

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