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Who can tolerate an independent judiciary? By Ardeshir Cowasjee

Posted by Alta on March 15, 2009

‘The reality is that neither Nawaz nor Zardari can tolerate free judiciary.’

Not the whole article but just the bits i feel are important or what i have been thinking of over the last few days,and sadly the people who are on the streets today have forgotten.

The head of state has been busy appointing judges, all of his choice, to further the subservience of the judiciary to the state. He, at least, has seldom made noises about his desire to have an independent judiciary, whether by oversight or merely because he thinks it would be redundant. On the other hand, we have the Mian of Raiwind, formerly of Lahore, now trumpeting his overwhelming desire for an independent judiciary and his avowal to never surrender until he has put back on the judicial benches those judges dismissed by Musharraf when he lost what was left of his mind on Nov 3, 2007.

The reality is that neither man can tolerate an independent judiciary, as to do so would be quite contrary to their respective political natures. Such has been the case with all those in the top notch for over five decades. Nawaz Sharif’s 1997 physical assault upon the Supreme Court cannot be forgotten or forgiven, as cannot his earlier wish to imprison a sitting chief justice of Pakistan for one night so as to impress upon him who was the boss-man calling the shots. His principled and moral stand, as he terms it, has to be highly suspect.

As husband of the prime minister Asif Ali Zardari is on record as having offered a Supreme Court justice the office of chief justice of Pakistan providing he handed over an undated letter of resignation.

Its funny,we have a memory similar to that of a goldfish.I wonder what others think of all this mess.I feel that Asif nor Nawaz will be able to handle a free judiciary,your thoughts?


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