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New Year new start

Posted by Alta on January 2, 2009

Had no idea that new year would start like this for me,waking up a 7 am (normal for many yes,but i am one of those lucky few who walks in to work at 1pm or 2 pm and i am back home by 9 pm max) and working through the day till 8 30 pm or so and back home.

I have not been up this early for the last 3 or 4 years,normally go to bed around 3 or 4am and wake up at 11am or so,have been in bed by 11.30pm and up at 7 am,no fun but not too bad either 🙂

I am lazy,but if i have to do something and set my mind to it then thats it have to do it (pats self on the back) and in this case have to do it,reward might not be there short term but 3 or 4 years down the line it will be worth it.And for those wondering if i am going back to school no i am not,well i am but not to study 😉

So right now its not clear if this new thing will work out or not,its up in the air but either way i do plan on going in at 8 am for a few weeks and make some changes.So this month will be busy and fun 🙂

Work has been slow over the last 2 months,though still a few sales here and there so cant complain.Issues as always and its been one of those weeks,crazy and silly things but problems still that need to be sorted.

So all in all a very mixed start to the new year,long week,long days,will be a long month,but better then being bored with nothing to do at all 🙂

(something is wrong with me,i should not be all smiles and enjoying all this extra work and should be complaining like i normally would)


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