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Three pics in one

Posted by Alta on November 3, 2008

This was a picture taken by a member of and i just had to put it out there.Just a few things that come to mind when i look at it and think for a bit.

Big hotel in the back there,a big bill board telling us about the latest wireless broadband connection available in the country,we have the Toyota avensis an imported car which costs roughly 16 lacs or so and then you have the rikshaw full of a family.

I wonder if they will ever have 16 lacs all at once between all of them together i doubt they look at the big building in the back and think ill have my sons or my wedding there.Will any of them ever be able to use a PC let alone have theĀ  latest dsl on it?

Once a young kid was asked what his dream in life was,his reply was “food two times a day for the rest of my life”

Then in this great capture we have the law enforcers,doing their job the best they can.I wonder what crime the goat committed? Did they read him his rights or cuff him?

Are they just doing their duty and carrying out orders from their sahab and bringing the bakra home for the sahabs children to play with? or did they hustle some poor bakray wala out of a goat as a bonus as its their right to because they are not paid enough.


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