Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!

la la la

Posted by Alta on July 30, 2007

Thats not how i am feeling though,and TFL is right its time for a new post,for a simple reason really.There hasnt been one for a long time.

Life is just bah right now,busy with work and when i am free i just dont feel like doing anything,i am getting back to being lazy Alta,but honestly being self employed has its down sides,cant take a break these days not a single day off for months.

I am tired,drained i just need a break more then anything else and not much happening here so it is slow which is good.But two weddings to look forward too so you all know how excited i am about that.Now to find a way to get out of them,knowing me ill find a way out.

 There is a plan for a 3 day trip to the middle of Sindh (i think) for the freedom rally Aug 13th to 15th or so i do want to go there but then it depends on how mom is doing (doing so so or i should say same old right now,which hurts)

Did go shopping the other day,so i have around 6 new shirts etc etc still need to buy a pair or two of shoes,i am thinking open toed red lacy strappy with a 3 inch heel 😛

 Time to bugger off to work,God i hate Mondays


2 Responses to “la la la”

  1. TFL said

    oh god two weddings??!! ab kis ki bari hai? anyone i know? red sandals..hmm could be a good look for you 😛 lately everyday has been a monday *sigh*

  2. TFL said

    oh and ive moved to wordpress!

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