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The Dream end,Aisam comes out on top

Posted by Alta on July 1, 2007

He might have lost in straight sets,the score might look like an easy win for Sain but anyone who saw the match will say otherwise,and i saw it live.Every bit of it!

 I am proud and happy,well done son.You have made us proud and i hope you get your due and whats coming your way.I hope that we are able to see more of you on our tv against the big names.

Why do they use PKN against his name and not PAK?

 As for the match,Aisam matched him for everything,ace for ace,smash for smash,was great to watch and so frustrating.Aisam had i think 8 break points during the whole match which he didnt take,maybe it was his bad luck,Safins good luck? Or was it just that the world number 200 odd didnt grab his oppo when he had them,maybe thats the diff between a grandlam winner and a lowe ranked player.I think it was all of the above,but none the less Aisam won.

Yes he won for my money,Safin when he went back i am sure thought to himself wtf who was that guy,boy i am a lucky sob,and mate you are.

Pakistan won on that day,our guy lost but we won.Loved the comments of everyone about Aisam and what he has done for the country,how proud he has made everyone and how they wish to see him and more Pakistanies in the future.

He didnt get much press in the west,the only sad bit abt this,and you know it and so do I if this was some Indian kid/guy he would have got more press,and espn and star would make sure to shove it down our throat.I didnt see Geo super do that,shame on them!

 Having said that the local press had been great through this,well done to them,may there be more of this.

Childs play for Aisam was the headline in dawn,it made it smile.

So my mate from Lahore and i dont like Lahore,good luck to you.May the force be with you,fingers and legs crossed we will see you on the grass next year!


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