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Rain Dance

Posted by Alta on July 1, 2007


It rained again yesterday,and I had a crapy day too.First lets do the rain.

No elec in many areas for 3 days,ours was gone for more then 12 hours but we are luck we have a back up gen,so we didnt miss much.But i feel for those who are not as lucky as we are.

Then there is the small issue of people who died due to the rains in Karachi,200 plus.Man holes,walls falling,bill bords,elec some of the reasons.Who is to blame? the city Govt,the Nazim who has a 24 hr channel now on the tele talking abt what he has done and how he stays up all night (hell mate so do i,insomnia doesnt make you a good leader) working and making sure things are being done.Though he does deserve some praise,but then talk is cheap and he does talk a good talk.

They want to take down all the bill bords,why? because they look ugly or they came down killing people? Why dont let them be,and sue and throw those in jail who passed them in the first place,make sure from now on all of them are strong enough to stand up against strong winds.We tend to handle things after damage has been done and even then we go abt it in the wrong way.

Let them be,make them stronger and proper,karachi wouldnt the same without them,with some model laying on a bed with her eyes begging you to join her,so you are staring at her your thoughts wondering and then bang,yes you have hit a car 😉

What will the mullahs do with all the black paint,they wont be able to destroy these non islamic ads,blacken the faces of the girls,etc etc

The storm went into the part of country that no one seems to care about,when the earth quake came all help was avail maybe we care more for kahsmir then we do for our step province?

I feel for them,they are hard done and out right screwed everyday of thier lives,just like us karachites but at a much more greater level.The Punjab loby should wake up or the people of this country should,where the fuck are the masses who love the country and not the Province? Why cant we come out on to the streets on a friday after namaz like the mullahs do every silly reason,ah but they have all the time in the world and nothing to do,so they pass time like this.Much like those who go on tabligh for 6 months or more up north.Someone asked why go that far dont they have people here in the city to mulimaise? Or are we just too smart for them or is the devil in us or maybe we are the devil.

Its bad,very bad for them,many have lost ther lives and what happened in Karachi seems nothing compared to that,and its not.God help them cause the Govt or people like us never will,we never have and you know it.

I am going to end on a funny note 🙂

This is what happened yesterday….

I had a stupid client and i dont like using that word,he lands in from another country,on his way  back so stops in karachi,wants to buy a car from me and then go to his small village lahore ( 😀 ) All very well then.

He shows up at my showroom at 4pm and says he has to catch a flight at 7 pm   so has only an hour which is plenty of time, but not when it starts to rain and rain cant drive it,you cant sit in it cause ur all wet and its an  open air car parking.Plus you want to look at as many cars as you can,so i have to take you to other places were my cars are (this other showroom that i keep my cars at,regular days and traffic 10 mins by car)

This other dude had taken my car to show his client he still had it,so we get wet in the rain drive to the other showroom (3 mins car drive on sunny days)  raining very hard,roads all filled up with water.So we reach there i get out,he is in the car still.He looks at it,says can i drive it? i am like yes but not in this rain. He asks can i sit in it?  hmmm : sure : he goes no forgetit, tell ur driver to drop me to the airport and ill pay u for it ( didnt even ask if it was possible or please can you do me a fav? ) i am like no need to pay me he will drop you no prob at all.

But why show up,okay so you are here,but then you know its raining,so why make me go there when you just wanted to go back and didnt want to miss your flight?

He then does what people from the province do best, starts cursing karachi and the roads ( he is from the provicne and thinks khi is bad hmm ) He says the rain is there so i cant do much and i have to reach the airport for my flight so i must leave and not even a please can he drop me he will drop me and ill pay him.

I got droped off at my place told  my driver to drop him to the airport and i said make sure he doesnt make it  before 8 pm

He didnt 😀
Morale of the story?

Dont tell a karachite his city is bad,we dont like it and we bite 🙂

woof woof


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    you have a new commenter! yay!! i think its time for a new post.

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