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Dam the rain Gods

Posted by Alta on June 26, 2007

image004.jpgimage009.jpgimage005.jpgThere should be a rule that it will not rain in karachi for more then a few hours,and that too once a month max.It started raining on Sat and its still raining,no lights for more then 12 hours yesterday,plus the regular outages of a few hours each day.

Weekend plans down the drain with the rain.And dam was it a boring few days,no work,no tv,no friends,no fun.

But as always my problems are not that great,i mean over 200 dead,houses gutted.Karachi just seems to be getting something every other month.I mean this is your financial capital,the city which makes the country the most amount of money and yet this happens every time it rains.

Why cant the Govt stop,take a look here and help build the infrastructure needed by the ONLY city of Pakistan (yes its the only city,lahore is a village and Isloo is not even a village)

So life will not be back to normal soon given the amount of rain,so this month has been a bad one work wise,but hey i get days off work.(why am i complaining,i am supposed to like days off)

Well time to add a few pic,trying to get back home on sat after work.


3 Responses to “Dam the rain Gods”

  1. TFL said

    me thinks all of your 41 hits are me coming back again and again to check for updates and finding none 😦
    though i cant really complain, seeing the state of mine :(*infinity
    i need a bleeding vacation!!

  2. TFL said

    after this calamity, i think rain ceased to be beautiful for me!

  3. Alta said

    I have just been lazy and ill,so no updates,i shall do them now i think.

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