Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!


Posted by Alta on June 21, 2007


Day off tomm and i am loving it,plus Tuesday is off too.And i need this,last week has been very busy which is great.Work had been down for the past 2 weeks,I mean work wise Marach was good and so was April.But April got a bit boring,and if it wasnt for Racerf1 who was here from Dubai life would have been very dull.

Watching the WC final and having a kitkat (for those who know what that means) Footy tomm and would like to watch that for a change,working late on a few sat means no footy to watch.So looking forward to seeing Arsenal play.

Not much happening other then work and more work,and i am loving it.have given an ad in the paper tomm for my website so excited about that (yes i am a sorry ass) but hey i have big plans and dreams so 😛 Have also paid a big website for a 3 months banner for though i wanted to put the banner of on there but they said no dosti wosti type websites please,so i was like ok.

Mullah action what can i say 😀

Feeling more upbeat and not down anymore,thanks to all for the kind words 🙂

hmm i am bored though and i talk too much.


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