Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!

Not sure what to say

Posted by Alta on June 21, 2007

Honestly,i mean what is one to say after what happened last night.Some say ban the sport some say it was bound to happen,i dont want to think about it.Have got many emails,sms,and calls.I just did what i do when this happens,ignore and deny it,the WC never happened for me.

I am tepmted to say the F word right abt now,but i wont.

Life is busy,and good busy.Next week seems to be more of the same which is good.But even when home i am working,either puting up ads for the cars or working on my new website (big plans for this one)

4 days old and taking shape slowly,header,logo,ads etc to be added next week.Need to talk to a few people and make my mind up on how i am going to promote the thing,though we will be giving away a cell phone,scanner and a few other things through it every week.

And dam this,i mean it wasnt supposed to end like this.

*shakes head*


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