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Zoor laga ke….

Posted by Alta on June 20, 2007

double.jpgI know i dont get much exercise but this is just silly.My friend is here from Dubai (yes same dude who was here 2 weeks back) so someone had to go pick him up and as HB was out of town it was up to J and S.

I had just got back from work when i got the call and was told of the plan,i was supposed to meet them later where ever we were to have dinner,but being the lazy bum i am and not wanting to drive,i said pick me up and ill go with you both to pick up Racer (dubai friend) from his house.

little did i know they were going in the famous double cab (known to get stuck on a beach,and all over pakistan) So on our way,near his house the dam truck gives up and rolls to a stop.Dam me for being lazy and getting myself into this.

So yes as the title says Zoor laga ke haeesha,the 3 of us strat to push it to a corner,then this nice guy comes in to help and starts to push this thing with us,then he says the funniest thing “what happened? Car broke down?” (was in urdu) and i am like nope,my way of geting some excercise.

S says lets push it and try to push start so we try that for 5 mins,nope doesnt work.Racer is called and told abt this,he is laughing,joins us and makes more fun of the car/thing/it and another 10 mins of trying the push start which doesnt work so we give up.Lock the thing and we start to walk.

The place where we are being lyari (un safe and famous for gang wars) at 10 pm we start to walk,walk and walk for an hour no taxi no ricksha.For that one hour people who call to know where we are whats taking so long are told and more fun is made of poor S (not a first,as he did get the truck stuck on a beach once,and we had to go pick him up at 5 am )

Riksha is taken,4 of us in it,with S sitting in front with the driver and by the time we got to J’s house S had asked the poor man where he lived,if he owned the rickha,how many children,wife this that everything.I am sure he was happy to see the back of us.

Had dinner,got back home at 4 am and they all left at 7 am for breakfast i didnt and went to sleep,so yes no work today πŸ™‚

Well was a fun day,though my school friends will be pissed and will prob kill me,as i had made plans with them for thurs night,this after getting out of plans for 3 weeks in a row,but as you all know muje bhol ne ki bemari hai (i tend to forget things,it runs in the family) so they were standing outside of my house (i am a dead man)

So if any of you are reading this,i am sorry πŸ™‚ (the smile that saves my ass every time smile)

Lazy day today,work tomm,sat night and with Racer in town i am sure a night out again.


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