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Work issues and random blah

Posted by Alta on June 20, 2007

I am not sure how to go about things now and have been thinking hard about this. Do i do what i have been doing? or do i start being a regular car dealer and close the deals when the option is there.

I tend to be nice and play fair with the customers,even if they want the crapy car and more than willing to buy it,i ask them not to or am very open and tell them all the reasons they should not buy it.I just dont say yes,good car excellent choice go for it.

Its the way i have been working and its worked out well for me,no complaints many good things said about me on i have the tag of an honest dealer (if there is such a tag)
But due to this i have lost out on a few sales,which means i have lost about atleast 80k i could
have made.

When i started out i saw that almost everyone had a short term view on things,make the sale,if the customer is happy give him what he wants dont think too much,and for sure dont try to tell him what he is abt to buy is not a good buy.I came in with a long term plan,i had no customers,i knew know one and made sure no one knew whose son i was (Many still dont and i avoid even now).We all know that here people buy cars from someone they know and trust,everyone has a set base of clients and they grow with your clients telling others about you (if they are
happy with thier car and you) The road customer is never a buyer,he is there to waste your time.

So yes i have worked hard on this over time,I have made a small name for myself and i guess i am just thinking what now? yes people know me,yes i have customers all over Pak,yes i make good money,but this week i could have sold 3 cars and i didnt so am i going abt this in the wrong way or its been working and its the right thing to do,so stick with it
I guess i am looking for feedback here,so to those who read this,do comment and advise me on this please.

Its funny,whenever i decide to take a day off like today,i start getting calls from 10 am and people calling to know if i am free as they want to visit me and some call from the showroom saying they are there and i am not.Same happened today,i guess its the same with when you have a car and no one asks about it,and when its gone you start getting calls from every showroom.
Well took a day off today,and got some paper work done.So accounts are all in order,tomm will be a long day for sure and a busy one.Tonight is a big night,champ league football Arsenal vs PSV down 0-1 from the first leg,so need to win tonight and i am hoping we do.Come on Arsenal!!

Yes now i am bored now 🙂


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