Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!

So so

Posted by Alta on June 20, 2007

Another work week and work is slow but good,and enjoying it which most people cant say so i am lucky that way.

Pakistan lost the test match,i wont say much about it as i am well disapointed.We were in the game for so long and should have batted well in the first innings.Ah well lets see what happens now in the second one.

Another thing abt Gibbs and what he said,i dont know what to think of it.I mean what an ass and how stupid of him,i hope it ends here and doesnt go on though.

Life is good,slow as always but i like things slow.Moms not well but its been like that for some time now and i hate it,but i can not do anything about it so 😦

Have met and cought up with a few people that i seem to like,and those who know me i am not too friendly and i do not like people much.Lets see how this goes πŸ™‚

450 members on pakbazaar as of today which is good.Jag being an ass abt the cricket one and well will see if it happens i am having doubts that he will be able to do it in time.

Hamara Karachi came and went,i feel bad about it because i love Karachi and its my city but i dont know why but i just wasnt up for it,maybe it was the way it was done or maybe i have had too many things on my head,will try and look into this and talk about the whole hamara Karachi thing in detail some time.

To those who read,dude find something to do with your life πŸ˜›


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