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Send me to the A1 GP

Posted by Alta on June 20, 2007

dawn-news.jpgWow last week was a boring and dull week,and lazy Alta is complaining abt it so you can imagine how bad it was.Though its strange the old me would have been happy,i was well happy being alone and doing nothing,not any more (i need to go to a shrink)

Well this week has started in a fun way,i got a call on Sunday warning me that the city dist were going to carry out an op againt the showrooms,for some reason they are not happy that we park our cars on the roads,or where they are not supposed to be parked (its the local car manufacturers who are after the likes of me)

Well they have a point,but then that doesnt mean i am supposed to listen to them.So here i am,monday morning (and i thought we agreed no work on monday? )

At around 1 pm it all starts,get a call saying op is under way and better hide the cars,oh ok.Ill just put the 40 odds cars under my bed (those who have seen my bed know its not possible to put anything under it,i have Osama Bin laden under there)

So orders are given to everyone,the mission is simple,take a car key any car key and take the cars to a plot near by,so we start.(ladies and gents start your engines,for the pride of your showroom and the car showrooms association)

And we are off,running around like crazy,get a few cars away.I get into mine and do what i always do when this happens every 4 or 5 months,take the car to my mech Niaz (if you ever need a good car mech in karachi niaz is your man!)

“Anything wrong with the Vitz boss?” “Yes its imported and they dont like it” Here take the key,drop me back at the showroom and bring the car back here keep it safe.thrown another key and i am in the premio now and we are off for round two.

Where do i take this one i am asking myself when i see the local govt cars and people up ahead,U turn and run.But the dam guy is on my tail honking like mad,like hell i am going to stop and hand over my 13 lacs to you.So lets see how good this 1.8 Japanese car is against the local bolan.It was very good, i won easy.

Parked it near some house,and ran back to the showroom.Big argument taking place,the two owners of the showrooms next to mine are doing galee galaoch with the people and i will do this i will do that,take my cars at ur own risk blah blah blah.

I signal to Saleem (our driver) to throw me another key,vroom vroom and i am off again,with everyone creaming and our guys laughing.Now where do i go no idea,but i get a call and directions to another house which has parking avail (we have our own network and so much like don style action)

Park it,hand over the keys,and get a taxi back to the showroom.Dam they are still there.”hey you” “who me” (altas angel look) “yes where is the car? “what car” i ask.

This goes on for about 2 mins,i am like look,its not here so get over it.I am told i am in big trouble blah blah now the cameras are on me,oh yes Geo and the rest of the news tv channels are there (look mom i am on Tv!)

Well i stuck to my story and said i have no idea what you are talking about,i just got here.they had to go to other places too so gave up,but did take away 3 cars from out place (dam them!) Was silly of me to do that,but then i am silly.

Was a fun day and today was so boring,no one chasing me around,no running around trying to get as many cars to the safe house,the whole area was so clean,not many cars,all empty and no customers (they screw the businessman dont they)

So lets see what happens tomm,i didnt go to get the cars others did the cars are back but in a safe house,just bloody charge us per month and let us be,thats what this is all about,just do it (nike style,but read as a phatan would say it)

A few did spot me on tv as i got a few calls,dude you are on tv,whats up.I am like i am glad dad isnt watching this or if he is i am a dead man(and he doesnt know abt it,so to anyone reading this,please dont tel him)

Alta happy,and ready to take on the world in his Jap imports.


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