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Pakistan,need for change

Posted by Alta on June 20, 2007

flag2.jpgSpecial: Rise of India’s middle classGood report,but i have to think is this just the media hyping India again.I dont mean this in a bad way.You know India shinning,the middle class getting justice,everyone has the power etc etc

Just hear too much of this these days and whatever it maybe,if the change is really happening thats great and i wish it gets even better.

If its just the media and promoting India and making it look like India is shining and its the next best thing for everything then again good luck to India as long as most Indians benifit from this just not the top blokes.

Either way i hope this change would take place in Pakistan too,but we are busy killing eachother in the name of Islam,too busy hating India and the US to see whats happening around us and knowing whats more important,the war which we have nothing to do with but we are in it,trying to please the US,fighting of the mullahs,or promoting education,justice for the common man or the 14 years old who was raped.

I wouldnt mind watching something positive of my country for a change,even if it was a paid tv campaign which i feel the govt of Pak should do.

But the Govt has better things to do,the MNAs have to be on tv every night with so many pvt channels,so they are busy there so its fair if they dont make it to the assemblies or if they cant find the time to solve issues.

I am a Pakistani,i love my country,should i dream of a change here in Pakistan?

Or take option 2,leave the country,or just stop dreaming?

When i think of our flag thats the pic i see in my mind,the kid running with the flag,is he running towards something or running away from somthing? I guess in the next few years I will find the answer to that question.

Question remains,what are we doing to solve this all mess? I dont think we are doing anything,we never have and we prob never will.Will Pakistan shine?

Some of the above was because of a post in a forum i use,and some way to start the day..


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