Monkey business

Sab pagal hain,aur mai sab se bara nahi hoon!

Dont you just love family dinners?

Posted by Alta on June 20, 2007

Sat night,go out with friends? stay home watch footy and relax? nope! stay home and be forced to to dress up,smile and prettend you are happy as there is a party at your house,with moms side of the family coming over whch is around 70 odd people and you dont like 60 odd of them.Thats what i had to go through last night 😦

I took the day off,no,not because i was excited about this dinner but because as the party was at our place i had to make sure things were in order and while i had taken the day off i ran off to the tailor to pick up my clothes.

Well it wasnt as bad as it could have been to be honest,most of the people avoided me and i did the same.They know i am crazy and that i dodnt like to mingle and smile “oh how are you blah blah”I said hello to most other than this one guy who is a mullah and whom i dont like at all,was funny though.While eating dinner he did come up to me and i thought here we go,but he didnt say anything maybe was expecting me to say salam,hmm no chance mate.Been there done that and i know what happens next.I might be a monkey but i am not stupid.

My aunt who says a lot and cant keep her mouth shut and doesnt know whats coming out of her mouth,had been here sinse morning and then stayed the night.But i guess after what happened a few months back she knows to stay away from me and not mention my name.Though with her it wont last she just cant help herself.But atleast nothing was said yesterday.(yes she is still here)

Food was good πŸ™‚

A cousin of mine,asked me about a few cars and which one she should buy etc etc So i ask who will be driving it (while we were going over the auto or manual trans) and she says i wont S will,so i go oh the driver,well then it doesnt matter.She didnt say thing.Later it hit me the guy she likes,his name is S πŸ˜€

So yes silly me πŸ™‚

The loud,crazy cousin T son in law of the crazy aunt didnt say much either and didnt try to talk to me about cricket which was nice,well happy to have avoided him too.

My brother was there so stuck with him and him with me,talking abt the usual,BT,cricket etc.Dad did ask later what we talked abt,and i said work abba what else.he started to laugh so i guess he didnt buy it and he knows us too well πŸ™‚
Over all was not a bad nght at all,kids were fine and lots ofthem,i mean what 5 on avg for each couple? maybe 4? mullah party what else can i say.
Well weekend over,i was hoping to go out with my school friends,i am sure they hate me by now for being me,i will make it up to you guys this week i promise.Steak is on the menu or should be,as it was mentioned in a convo and now i want steak.And have a place in mind too yay

Next week i hope is better,last week other than monday and being chased around has been dull felt like a strike all week,400 cars impounded and none being released.Well i do have a few people coming in this week so i am hping for a few sales.

Another funny,i keep getting missed call from this number,then got an sms which went something like i hope you dont mind all the missed calls. hehe
Well another work week to start 😦


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