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Cricket is life

Posted by Alta on June 20, 2007

Well it is for me and for most people from this part of the world.But i was told by someone not to talk about sport and my websites in my blog (you know who you are) and all i have to say to that person is šŸ˜› šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

Yes i am in a silly mood,its 3 am and i am not sleepy (gasp shock horror,alta is not sleepy) So friday tomm,big game in the league for me in Battrick (if you dont know what BT is shame on you) and well id like to win that game,though might be close.

It seems like cricket is all thats in the news here and in my head.With BT out of the way lets step into the real world now.WC is going to start this month,and lets be honest Pakistan hasnt had the best prep for it and the whole doping issue,injuries plus what not behind the scens its just a pain to watch.

I should be used to this by now shouldnt I? I mean its the Pakistan cricket team we are talking about here.So all this is given.Well a man can dream cant he?

But i have a feeling we will do well,maybe its the silly fan in me dreaming,but look Shoaib is an ass and i hate him and we are better off without him.Razzaq and Asif we will miss yes,but Azhar should do well in place of Razaaq (is he memon? he looks like one and has the name to go with it)

Bowling will be a weak link (cant belive i am saying this about a Pak cricket side) bring back W and W we will be alright (yes a fan being silly) Danish will be a key but will Inzi trust him? from whats been said Inzi didnt want him in the side.Umer Gul having too much too do and being the main bowler,not sure how he will handle that.Rana and Sami no idea whats gone wrong there.Arafat i like but he wont be played as always.

Waqar being there would have been great and he would have made these young chaps,and not so great bowlers better then they are with small advice.Its clear from the results we have seen in the past 9 months or so,but the PCB had to do what they do.

Batting,inzi,joe,MYK need to bat and bat big,Imran Nazir i am hopeing will do well.Plus lala is there to do what he does best.

Team combo will be the key,we will go through to the next round easy.From then on its who peaks at the right time,but i have a feeling we might do well,all this crazy stuff would destroy anyother team but Pak is used to it and its what we live on.

3 30 am and i cant sleep,cant get cricket out of my head.Anyone playing any fantasy cricket comp? do tell me if you are as i am yet to join any


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